Smart City Pilsen Projects

Dynamic Transport Control

We want to manage public transport efficiently – dynamic transport control brings us the necessary information and resources.

Open data

Through open data, we provide the public with data on the operation and functioning of the city and its organizations in formats suitable for further processing.

PoliVisu Horizon 2020 – Visualisation of Traffic Intensity

The project of visualization of traffic intensity is a tool for the coordination of planned constructions – it shows the strain on individual Pilsen roads in relation to traffic restrictions (e.g. a street closed for transport due to construction works).

Internet of Things Network

As the first city in the Czech Republic, we have launched our own Internet of Things network operating on the open LoRaWAN platform.

Plzni To

With the PlzniTo application, anyone can easily report a defect in public space, which we will then deal with as soon as possible.

Free WiFi

Free WiFi connectivity is available both to Pilsen residents and tourists. You can get connected in recreational zones, at offices or sports grounds.

Battery Trolleybuses

We have replaced trolleybuses with auxiliary diesel units with new, more environmentally friendly vehicles driven by batteries.

Robotics center

The Robotics Centre is a place of education, support and leisure activities in the area of digital technologies.

Public Transport Fare Payment with a Contactless Card

Paying for your fare couldn’t be more convenient, as we’ve fitted all public transport vehicles with a check-in device for payment by credit card.

Citizen Electronic Portal (EPO)

The electronic citizen portal is a tool that enables electronic submission of documents at city authorities – thus making dealing with authorities easier for citizens.

Smart Stops

Smart stops show passengers up-to-date transport information, both in text and audio.

Clickable Budget of the City

With the clickable budget, we’ve made the city’s economic management and budget available to the public.

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