We have information about life in the city and we’re sharing it with you – check out the TutaPlzeň portal

What’s the aim of the project?

To provide interesting and important data/information about the quality of life in Pilsen in one place.


What’s the result of the project?

We have launched a website where citizens, visitors and businesspeople can find information about life in Pilsen in a clear graphic form.

The TutaPlzeň website contains:

  • information (50 indicators) comparing the City of Pilsen with other regional capitals in the Czech Republic
  • information on how well individual offices perform, business of individual counters (identity cards, passports, drivers’ agenda), processing times, waiting times, etc.
  • public transport information, occupancy of parking garages

As part of making the visualized data available, we plan to get further municipal companies involved, e.g. Pilsen Waterworks, Plzeňská teplárenská or Čistá Plzeň.

All information is available at www.tutaplzen.cz

The project is implemented by the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen

  • Information about the quality of life in Pilsen
  • Comparison of Pilsen with other regional capitals
  • All in a visually comprehensive form

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