Smart City Pilsen Projects

DJI Zenmuse Camera Comparison

Appropriately chosen technology during SIT drone interventions within the IZS is the basis for a job well done. It is the only way smart technology can make our lives easier.

The test polygon is complete

The project of the City of Pilsen is intended to increase the possibilities of dynamic traffic control, improve the traffic clearance of the site and provide a basis for future testing of the autonomous tram.

IZS Stream is the most important support for IRS

The app created by the team from SIT Drones has brought firefighters and police officers safe streaming from the scene of a crisis event, allowing them to mark points of interest and pinpoint the location of a fire outbreak or wanted persons.

3D model viewer – new application for IRS

The application creates a 3D model of the scanned object on the spot and in real time. It is often used by emergency services to examine an object before they enter it during an intervention.

Modern security systems for municipal police

The new dispatching center of the Pilsen Municipal Police combines modern smart elements with artificial intelligence, a system of camera recordings, and sensors that detect gunshots, breaking glass, panic screams or rising water levels.

Pilsen is part of the European project Climaborough

Since 2023 Pilsen has been participating in the European project Climaborough, which aims to test innovative and smart solutions to climate change and its impact on the planet Earth.

Test polygon – a solution for autonomous mobility

The purpose of the project is to create a polygon – a living laboratory – for testing, development in the field of autonomous mobility and dynamic traffic control.

Virtual reality at Pilsen schools

An excursion into space, a dangerous experiment in chemistry. Pupils in Pilsen will be educated by virtual reality.

S4AllCities Horizon 2020

Evaluating cyber and physical security threat levels in real time with implications for enhancing security, protecting lives and property.

Detection of bark beetles by drones

Detecting bark beetles before their first spring swarm using a drone, a multispectral sensor and an AI application.

Self-servise for Parking Cards

An e-shop for long-term parking (virtual parking card) has been launched!

Digi-nursery school

The Digi-nursery school app is going to facilitate communication between nursery schools and parents.

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