Smart City Pilsen Projects


In the future, it is necessary to count on a growing number of electric cars and hybrid cars, the city of Pilsen is therefore trying to build the necessary infrastructure within the concept of electromobility development and is gradually expanding the network of charging stations for electric cars.

Nano air purifiers

Air nano-air purifier were installed in Pilsen’s primary and kindergarten schools

Shared Scooters

Using a scooter to get around the city is environmentally friendly, cheap, healthy and, last but not least, fun – simply smart in every way.

New Parking System in the City Centre

You can also park smartly. In the city center you can use the ParkSimply Plzeň application and pay for parking from anywhere, just by using a mobile phone.

Tech Tower Science and Technology Park

A new science and technology park Tech Tower for innovative companies is being established in Pilsen. It will provide comprehensive services and premises for selected innovative companies with high growth potential and for emerging start-ups.


Communication is fundamental. Chatbot is a virtual partner ready to give you advice 24 hours a day on the most common situations that are dealt with at Pilsen’s offices.

Pilsen is part of the Záchranka (Rescue Services) application

We are a part of the popular Záchranka application – letting you know about crisis situations as quickly as possible.


Pilsen is going to have its own digital twin, an accurate 3D model that will bring improvements to a number of areas – be it crisis management, urban planning or tourism.

New Pilsen Card E-Shop

You can get your long-term transport pass comfortably on your mobile phone or tablet – and we’ll also keep track of when your transport coupon or Pilsen Card expires.

Development of a Sensor Drone for the Fire Rescue Services

We have developed drone-borne sensor units that provide the incident commander with important information about harmful substances, their concentration and spread.

FC Viktoria Pilsen Mobile Application

The latest news from the club, information about players, matches, statistics, navigation at the stadium, connection to the Plzeňská vstupenka ticketing service – all of this in one package -the FC Viktoria Plzeň mobile application.

Karkulka Pilsen City Transportation Company

Shared cars for the inhabitants of Pilsen and its surroundings – the Karkulka car sharing service is for all people who like transport that is friendly both to nature and the wallet.