Interactive map of investment projects


The Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen has launched a brand-new map of investment activities related to the Superdio traffic engineering measure. It clearly shows citizens new, ongoing and completed city investment projects in their district.

In order to provide citizens with a better overview of the city’s investment activities in their district, the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen (SITMP) and its GIS department have created a so-called dashboard, i.e. a completely new interactive map of investment projects. It is connected to the Superdio traffic engineering measure, which the City of Pilsen has been using since 2016. Pilsen citizens will be informed better about investments in transport infrastructure, public spaces, environment, public buildings, sports and leisure activities. The municipality will also strengthen its communication towards citizens. The project was launched on the initiative from the fourth city district (UMO 4).

The map of investment projects provides an overview of the activities being undertaken by the district. It shows the current investments from the plan or study to the completed projects. The different phases are indicated by different colours. The project description, the date of completion, the name of the contractor or author of the study, the amount of the investment, and a photo of the project are included. The data is continuously updated.


Aims of the project:

  • To increase the transparency and digitalisation of the Office.
  • To promote communication with citizens.
  • To increase the interest of citizens in the city’s investment projects.
  • To improve work efficiency and project management.


Results of the project:

  • Creation of an interactive map providing better visibility of investments.
  • Colour resolution for planned, ongoing and completed activities.
  • Leverage of existing data infrastructure and link it to Superdio.


The interactive map of investment activities contributes to raising the awareness of the citizens, making them more interested in the events in the district, and involving them in various forms of co-decision. Citizen participation and openness of the municipality is the direction that Pilsen as a smart city decided to take years ago.

Sample of the interactive map

  • overview of investment projects
  • information for citizens
  • more efficient work management

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