Smart City Pilsen Projects

City of Pilsen Website

The official Pilsen website is an important communication channel between the city and its citizens. We create user-friendly pages for you that inform you and help you solve life situations.

Primary School Facilities

We are improving the quality and quantity of facilities in primary schools established by the city, and we are proud to be among the best in the country in this area.

Use of Drones for the Integrated Rescue System

Pilsen drone pilots were the first in the Czech Republic to become part of the integrated rescue system. Here, people from West Bohemia set trends.


Pilsen is the first of all Czech cities to become a member of the globally known Eduroam network.

Pilsen – Analysis of Satellite Images

We care about the environment. We own analyses of satellite data of the city of Pilsen, which work with information on temperature, greenery and water.

My Pilsen City Transportation Company (PMDP)

Download the My PCTC application to quickly and easily find the best public transport connection.

FC Viktoria Pilsen Stadium WiFi

We have covered the football stadium in Štruncovy sady with a high-speed WiFi network, which you can connect to for free

Child Safety – Measures at Primary Schools

We have improved the system of picking up children from after-school clubs – thanks to a chip card reader connected to an individual’s name and a special application, the whole process is safer and easier to use.


We have information about life in the city and we’re sharing it with you – check out the TutaPlzeň portal

Silent Line

Thanks to the Silent Line, people with a hearing impairment can arrange everything they need at the municipal authorities with dignity.

Our companies – How to choose your future school

A project day, in which primary school pupils gain information that’s important for the choice of their further studies, build a robot, and get an idea of how a successful company functions.

Pilsen CUBE II

A unique project of student satellite which supports student interest in studying technical subjects and space programme.

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