New Parking System in the City Centre


You can also park smartly. In the city center you can use the ParkSimply Plzeň application and pay for parking from anywhere, just by using a mobile phone.

What’s the aim of the project:

  • Extend the possibility of paying parking
  • Clarification of the registration of parking fees
  • Offer citizens a quick way to pay for parking from anywhere

What’s the result of the project:

On Monday, June 29, 2020, Pilsen launched a new method of registration of payment and control of parking fees in parking zone A, through registration marks, ie by entering a license plate. The new system allows you to pay via the application on your mobile phone or still using the parking meter, in which it is necessary to enter the car registration number.

The new parking fee application is called ParkSimply Plzeň. It is user friendly and intuitive. All you have to do is enter your registration number on your mobile phone, choose your parking time and pay online with your credit card. The registration mark will be offered automatically the next time it is used. The application allows you to save multiple registration marks. If necessary, you can extend the standing time with a few clicks. The application can be downloaded free of charge to Android and iOS operating systems.

However, the change was noticed by all drivers, not just those who use the application. It is now necessary to enter the vehicle registration number on the parking meters. After that, payment for parking will be made by default, in cash or by credit card, including an optional parking ticket confirmation. The registration mark must be filled in by everyone, for a uniform record for clear control of the parking fee payment, in which payments from the application, all payments from parking machines and simultaneously issued resident cards will be stored.

On the parking machines, people will find instructions for payment using the new system, in case of any questions, they can call the number given in the information text.

Pilsen wants to evaluate the pilot operation in zone A within a few months. If it proves to be effective and beneficial, it could be gradually extended to other parking zones in the city.

Application to download:

Apple store

Google store

  • quick
  • comfortable
  • clear


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