Parking Fee Monitoring Smart Vehicle

The City of Pilsen uses a smart vehicle as another way to control parking. The completely autonomous system is monitored by two computers, with six cameras scanning the number plates.

Crash Inspector – app for traffic police

Since 2021, SIT Drones have been cooperating with the Police in the Pilsen Region and assisting in serious traffic accidents. They developed the Crash Inspector application for creating a record of the accident and other possibilities of using and processing data during the investigation.

The test polygon is complete

The project of the City of Pilsen is intended to increase the possibilities of dynamic traffic control, improve the traffic clearance of the site and provide a basis for future testing of the autonomous tram.

Test polygon – a solution for autonomous mobility

The purpose of the project is to create a polygon – a living laboratory – for testing, development in the field of autonomous mobility and dynamic traffic control.

Self-servise for Parking Cards

An e-shop for long-term parking (virtual parking card) has been launched!

Shared Scooters

Using a scooter to get around the city is environmentally friendly, cheap, healthy and, last but not least, fun – simply smart in every way.

New Parking System in the City Centre

You can also park smartly. In the city center you can use the ParkSimply Plzeň application and pay for parking from anywhere, just by using a mobile phone.

New Pilsen Card E-Shop

You can get your long-term transport pass comfortably on your mobile phone or tablet – and we’ll also keep track of when your transport coupon or Pilsen Card expires.

Karkulka Pilsen City Transportation Company

Shared cars for the inhabitants of Pilsen and its surroundings – the Karkulka car sharing service is for all people who like transport that is friendly both to nature and the wallet.

My Pilsen City Transportation Company (PMDP)

Download the My PCTC application to quickly and easily find the best public transport connection.

Dynamic Transport Control

We want to manage public transport efficiently – dynamic transport control brings us the necessary information and resources.

PoliVisu Horizon 2020 – Visualisation of Traffic Intensity

The project of visualization of traffic intensity is a tool for the coordination of planned constructions – it shows the strain on individual Pilsen roads in relation to traffic restrictions (e.g. a street closed for transport due to construction works).

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