Pilsen is part of the Záchranka (Rescue Services) application


We are a part of the popular Záchranka application – letting you know about crisis situations as quickly as possible.

What’s the aim of the project:

  • To improve the availability of information for the people of Pilsen in crisis situations that have an immediate impact on their lives and health
  • Prevent emergency line overload with the help of efficient information distribution

What’s the result of the project:

Pilsen has become a part of the Záchranka (Rescue Services) application, which more than a million users have already downloaded to their smart phones and tablets. With this application, you can receive warning notifications about significant events such as floods, large-scale fires, chemical emergencies, drinking water pollution, etc., all without the need to identify the location of users. The incoming push notification contains instructions on how to act and a link to the crisis portal of the city or region. This way, people get essential information immediately, and in most cases there’s no need to contact the emergency line, which is often significantly overloaded in crisis situations. Pilsen has become part of this functionality as the second city in the Czech Republic, just after Prague.

Other features of the Záchranka application, which is connected to the integrated rescue system, include:

  • An SOS button, which, if necessary, sends an emergency message to the control room (it contains the exact location, battery status of the mobile phone, personal information, including their health status, contacts to close individuals, etc.) while dialing the 155 line at the same time.
  • Encyclopaedia of first aid
  • The most extensive database of automated external defibrillators in the Czech Republic
  • List of emergency services and Mountain Rescue Service stations

The application is fully adapted for hearing and visually impaired people. In addition to the Czech Republic, it also works in Austria, Hungary and the mountains of neighbouring Slovakia. The app can be downloaded free of charge, both to the Android and iOS operational systems. More information on www.zachrankaapp.cz.


  • faster
  • more efficient
  • safer


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