Development of a Sensor Drone for the Fire Rescue Services


We have developed drone-borne sensor units that provide the incident commander with important information about harmful substances, their concentration and spread.

What’s the aim of the project?

During interventions, Fire Rescue Services units need to know very quickly what they are dealing with; in our case, they need to detect what harmful substances are involved and determine their concentration and spread

  • The project addresses the development of sensor units for the detection of harmful substances, determination of their concentrations and the direction of spread
  • The project solves the development of a special device for carrying and dropping sensor units from a drone
  • The project works on a communication platform for data transfer from the sensor units
  • The project creates an application superstructure for drone control, selection of drop points and interpretation of the obtained data for the intervention commander

What’s the result of the project?

As part of our cooperation with the University of West Bohemia, we have developed a prototype device that meets the above objectives. The first two areas have been solved in the prototype and the last two are now being completed.

English version of the VIDEO

  • Information for the intervention commander
  • More efficient intervention process
  • Increased safety of fire fighters during the operation

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