SIT Port, the port open to anyone.


Through SIT Port, we work with a community of technically gifted young people aged 16+. We support technical education, expand the talent community and help entrepreneurs on their way to their own business.

SIT Port is a port for everyone who wants to sail in a new direction. SIT Port, like any port, is a melting pot of people with different stories, visions and ideas. We are a place where you can come to anchor and plan new trips, where large and small ships leave for business destinations in the world, or just for the pleasure of sailing with friends. SIT Port is a link between needs and solutions; it is a port that is open to in-and-out communication.


What’s the aim of the project:

Talent development. Business inspiration. By TALENT DEVELOPMENT, we mean activities connected with teacher education at municipal primary schools, school equipment (by the way, we have some
of the best in the Czech Republic), incorporating robotics in teaching (Masaryk Elementary School Pilsen), leisure education (clubs at the Robotics Center) = all this generates more and better-educated children interested in technical fields.

Under INSPIRATION FOR BUSINESS, we then follow up with work with the 16+ community, which we are further developing (as talents) through projects and urging them to establish their own technological start-ups (i.e. inspiring people to start a business).


What’s the result of the project:

We’re building a community

A community is emerging around SIT, where professional mentors, our employees, external persons from schools and technical companies, and NGO enthusiasts meet and pass on their practical experience to children and students interested in technology.

We have created a platform that provides the space, equipment and topics for technical education.
A platform that produces more personalities with knowledge for the future. The Open Book of Education, published by the association promoting the introduction of technology in education
and the use of new teaching methods, European Schoolnet, mentions us as an example of good practice.

We spot talent

We help keep young people interested in technology and the potential to work with technology in Pilsen. The key is the continuity of education from the school age and the possibility of growth, when a whole start-up business can gradually grow out of children’s clubs and student projects. We strive to provide experiential learning. Our goal is for talented people to develop really useful things
(e.g. mobile applications), not only because they enjoy them, but also because they will succeed
with them on a global scale.

We inspire business

Through an environment favourable for business development, we want to support the emergence
of innovative companies and their relocation to Pilsen and prevent the outflow of promising entrepreneurs. We want to contribute to the reputation of Pilsen as a good place to do business.
Thanks to the development of talent, there are more and more young people with the ideas and energy
to start their own businesses or make a living as freelancers. There is also dormant business potential
in those who, for example, are not happy as employees and plan to implement their own projects.

We give students challenges

We organize a year-round competition for secondary school and university students.
In the form of projects, we present the students with issues that are troubling the City of Pilsen.
Students take the position of researchers, and the city acts as the first client (including the ability to fund development) and also as their first reference for the new start-up.

We’re organizing a Start-up Weekend and Hackathons

We support the entrepreneurship of secondary school and university students through other events, where they develop and present their prototypes in teams based on advice and recommendations from mentors from the business world. This is a fairly realistic simulation of starting your own business, including preparation for the global market and communication in English. Hackathons are targeted
at software developers and technically minded students, who solve assigned tasks using predetermined technologies.

The project is implemented by the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen.

  • Talent development
  • We implement real projects
  • We inspire people to start a business


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