Dynamic Transport Control


We want to manage public transport efficiently – dynamic transport control brings us the necessary information and resources.

What’s the aim of the project?

The aim is to obtain necessary information from public transport and related sources and evaluate and interpret them for the dynamic control of the city’s public transport. The project also aims to provide passengers with online information on the current state of public transport.


What’s the result of the project?


Dynamic Transport Control is a dispatching system for monitoring, managing and evaluating the public transport of the Pilsen City Transportation Company (PMDP). It was put into operation in 2010.

Since then, the PMDP has been gradually introducing new ways in which public transport passengers in Pilsen can learn about the current traffic situation. Information from the dynamic traffic control is automatically published on the website of the PMDP, Facebook and Twitter, is integrated in the search for departures and connections on the website and in the mobile application, and is also reflected in departure times on digital displays at so-called “smart stops”.

The Dynamic Transport Control improves the dispatchers’ capacity to act in unexpected situations such as traffic jams, accidents, closures or natural disasters. Thanks to this, it is possible to prevent longer transport disruptions and shorten the length of irregularities in transport.

Accurate and reliable public transport is more attractive for citizens and prevents congestion of the city by individual transport and the associated reduction of traffic flow.

The workplace of the Dynamic Transport Control is equipped for continuous operation seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

On the display wall and workstations, dispatchers monitor the GPS position of vehicles in real time and have an overview of deviations from the timetable and other information about vehicles. In addition to the possibility of direct voice communication with vehicles and passengers, they can send text messages to vehicles, change information on the information displays in vehicles remotely, etc.

A radio network has been built for data transmissions that are independent of the operation and outages of the public network.

Thanks to this project, vehicles have been equipped with new on-board computers, radios and other features. Drivers control the on-board computer through a touch terminal, where they can see the timetable, the current time difference or messages from the control room.

Source photo no.1 ČTK , no.2. PCTC, no.3 J. Šlehofer plzensketramvaje.cz

  • Dynamic traffic control
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  • Improved quality of public transport

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