FC Viktoria Pilsen Stadium WiFi


We have covered the football stadium in Štruncovy sady with a high-speed WiFi network, which you can connect to for free

What’s the aim of the project?

To provide both the citizens of Pilsen and its visitors with Internet connectivity at the city football stadium, including a mobile application (news from FC Viktoria, match information, navigation at the stadium, connection to the Plzeňská vstupenka ticketing service, ticket purchase, entering the stadium using a QR code, refreshments etc.)


What’s the result of the project?

Stage I:

The football stadium in Štruncovy sady is covered with WiFi and people can connect to the Internet for free. Visitors to the stadium can find the WiFi network under the name PLZEN Sport Wi-Fi and can connect to it for unlimited time. It is a high-speed smart WiFi solution that Cisco Systems has developed especially for stadiums, which makes it possible to connect a large number of devices in a small space and is a combination of cutting-edge wireless technologies, specialized software and services optimized for sports and entertainment. The system contains 108 WiFi access points, 6 network elements for interconnection of individual parts of the system, 2 servers for the operation of relevant applications, 2 devices for securing network traffic and other elements. This network will give fans reliable access to their favourite applications right at the stadium.

Stage II:

At the beginning of the new season, a mobile application will be launched with the following features:

·       FC Viktoria news,

·       match information,

·       navigation at the stadium,

·       Connection with the Pilsen Card as a season ticket,

·       ticket purchase,

·       entrance to the stadium using a QR code,

·       refreshments,

·       city communication channel

·       etc.

The project is implemented by the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen

  • All stadium coverage.
  • WiFi is free for visitors.
  • Unlimited download speed.

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