Pilsen – Analysis of Satellite Images


We care about the environment. We own analyses of satellite data of the city of Pilsen, which work with information on temperature, greenery and water.

In cooperation with World from Space s.r.o. we have analysed satellite data of the City of Pilsen. The first analysis worked with the perspective of temperature, greenery, and water. The second one worked with the quality of air for the period from January to June, 2019.


Main findings:

Main findings:

  • influence of industrial zones on temperature increase
  • influence of water, greenery, forests on temperature decrease
  • reduction of the volume of greenery in the summer months when there is no irrigation
  • change in agricultural areas (humidity, temperature decline until harvest, development after harvest)
  • the biggest air pollutant is NO2
  • the relative state of the air in Pilsen is good

Data for Download:

Satellite analysis of Pilsen air (PDF, 28 MB)
Map outputs (ZIP, 30 MB)
Data files (ZIP, 1 MB)

Pilot Project Satellite Monitoring Pilsen 2018 – Summary of Findings (PDF, 27 MB)
Map Outputs (ZIP, 94 MB)
Drought Study 2015 – 2018 (PDF, 63 MB)
Map Outputs (ZIP, 54 MB)
Open data:
Vegetation (ZIP, 336 MB)
Humidity (ZIP, 106 MB
Temperature (ZIP, 31 MB)

Satellite analysis of Pilsen air, January to June 2019


The project is implemented by the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen


  • We are interested in the situation in Pilsen
  • We will monitor development over time
  • We will publish the outcomes as open data


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