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We’re trying to make the city a more pleasant place to live in

Better Mobility

We will make Pilsen a European example of a city with safe, efficient, attractive and ecological transport.

Smart Living

We are creating a city where people feel safe and enjoy quality and healthy living in a culturally vibrant metropolis.

Smart Economy

We will strengthen the position of Pilsen as a city of innovation, research and development while supporting new products, services and forms of business.

Clean Environment

We want to improve the environment in Pilsen and increase its readiness for climate change.

Smart People

A smart metropolis is home to smart people, and we value everyone’s opinion. We want to create more opportunities for development, education, creativity.

Smart Government

We will simplify bureaucracy, open up data, and digitalize the local administration. We will put modern technologies into the public administration so that they make citizens’ lives as easy as possible.

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Smart People

We run a unique Talent Development ecosystem that includes primary schools and a technically-oriented 16+ community.

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Smart Economy

We’re following up on Talent Development with the Inspiration for Business ecosystem, which will bring new innovative start-ups to Pilsen.

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Smart Mobility

We’re working on metropolitan transport control and efficient traffic management, reducing pollution and introducing new modes of transport.

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Smart Government

We’re simplifying bureaucracy, digitalizing the local administration and opening up data.

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Smart Environment

We’re monitoring pollution, working on sustainable waste management and using energy efficiently.

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Smart Living

We’re planning territorial development, enhancing security in the city, and co-creating quality housing in a vibrant city.

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Innovative Pilsen for children, students, investors, companies, for life.

We develop, inspire and support innovators throughout their entire life cycle, from kindergarten to international expansion. Join us.

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What is PINE?

Pilsen Innovation Ecosystem for support and development of innovative entrepreneurship

We develop, inspire and support innovators throughout their lifecycle, from nursery to international expansion.

The Pilsen innovation ecosystem exists to attract more innovators, entrepreneurs and investors. All in the interest of the city's future prosperity. The more talent and ideas, the more successful companies, the better we will live in Pilsen.

Higher value-added entrepreneurship, local investment in R&D, greater control of the product and sales chain, the headquarters and management of internationally successful companies employing well-paid professionals - this is the goal of the Pilsen Innovation Ecosystem, which is why the City of Pilsen has long paid such attention to it.

We guide students towards technology and learn them collaborate across disciplines. We provide startups with background and expert mentorship. We secure funding for innovation in companies and help them expand abroad.

For the development of an innovative Pilsner has the city four key tools at its disposal. The Center of Robotics is dedicated to children with its interest groups and events. Experimenting teenagers are taken over by SIT Port, which will turn many of them into innovators and startups. Those who want to start a real business move to BIC Port, which builds on the startup phase with a greater emphasis on entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. The BIC Pilsen then supports the operating companies, collaborating on the financing of innovative projects and their international expansion.

Latest projects

Interactive map of investment projects

The Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen has launched a brand-new map of investment activities related to the Superdio traffic engineering measure. It clearly shows citizens new, ongoing and completed city investment projects in their district.

URBREATH Horizon Europe Project

The Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen (SITMP) has entered into another project from the Horizon Europe programme. By the end of 2027, it wants to draw inspiration from selected European cities and implement nature-based solutions in Pilsen using smart technologies for the revitalisation of the city with regard to climate change.

New Pilsen Geoportal

At the end of January 2024, SITMP launched a project to renew the Geographic Information System of the City of Pilsen. During the next 16 months, maps and map applications will be transferred to the new geoportal. Pilot operation is expected to start at the end of May 2025.