Smart Stops


Smart stops show passengers up-to-date transport information, both in text and audio.

What’s the aim of the project?

Provide public transport passengers with up-to-date traffic information.

What’s the result of the project?

A smart stop is an electronic information system that provides passengers at the stop with up-to-date text and audio information about traffic. Electronic information panels at stops are large-format, double-sided LED matrices, which ensures readability along the entire length of the platform. The panels are connected to the Dynamic Control Centre of the Pilsen City Transport Company (PCTC) via a radio network and, based on the position and delay of the vehicle on the route, they inform passengers about the estimated departure time of the given connection. The panels display line numbers, direction, time until the actual departure of the nearest connections, as well as text messages from the control room informing about changes in traffic. It is possible to prepare scenarios of image sequences (scenarios), various combinations of text announcements and information about the nearest connections for various operation situations. In the event of traffic irregularities, dispatchers can send messages to the passengers via the panels to inform them of the length of the delay or a detour route. Emphasis is also placed on acoustic equipment for the visually impaired and the blind. It will also be possible to use the acoustic system for announcing serious situations or safety threats to passengers.

During standard operation, the system is fully automated and controlled by the PCTC Dynamic Control server.

At present, there are 20 electronic information panels deployed at eight important public transport stops or interchanges.

  • Mrakodrap
    • U Práce
    • Palackého náměstí
    • Bazén Slovany
    • Zoologická zahrada
    • Pod Záhorskem
    • Sady Pětatřicátníků
    • Hlavní nádraží

We are working on adding panels to selected major interchanges (Borská Pole, Slovany). The installation of smaller versions of these panels at less important stops is in preparation, namely in the form of electronic stop markers, which combine the list of stops, timetables and a separate electronic panel into one.

  • Up-to-date public transport information
  • Passengers can see the arrival times of public transport vehicles at the stop
  • Passengers have information on transfers


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