Pilsen Business Vouchers


Pilsen business vouchers are here for businessmen who want to move their company a step further. Team up with researchers and innovate! The city will help you with payment for its services.

The aim of the programme called Pilsen Business Vouchers is to develop the business environment and increase the competitiveness of companies. The point of the call is to connect innovative companies operating in the Pilsen agglomeration with research organisations and institutes. Then, innovative companies can use the services of researchers to increase their innovative potential, in other words, they have access to the solutions that go beyond their capabilities. The city announces the call through its Business and Innovation Centre – BIC Plzeň.

Innovative companies operating in the Pilsen agglomeration (more than a hundred municipalities in the Pilsen Region) can apply for the subsidy. Companies can obtain various services including testing, analyses, diagnostics, analyses, system designs, design solutions, software development, various process optimization proposals, etc. Small and medium-sized companies can benefit from a subsidy of 75 % of the eligible costs, large companies can benefit from 40 %. In both cases, the amount of granted aid must not exceed CZK 150 000.

More information is available on the website www.bic.cz.

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