Launching the Clickable Budget Application


A transparent and open local government – this is what launching of the new Clickable Budget application is about. It offers any citizen a detailed overview of the city’s finances, updates data on a monthly basis and provides a complete overview of revenues and expenditures of the regional capital, graphic presentations of individual budget items implementation without omitting, for example, details of individual investment projects including information on deadlines, suppliers etc. From 20th June 2020, the budget is available at: The search function in the new application is simple and intuitive.

This application builds upon the Clickable Budget application launched in 2015. It has enabled everyone to view both a basic overview of the city’s budget as a whole and individual budgets of the Municipality and the city districts. The new Clickable Budget application offers users more detail and coherence.

In its budget for this year, the City of Pilsen is currently planning expenditures of approximately 8.8 billion crowns. The money will go to a number of areas and is intended for both operation and investment costs. Large construction projects the city has launched this year include the construction of a technology park in the Světovar complex, the complete revitalization of the Zátiší neighbourhood including the construction of 18 new apartment buildings, and more. Projects that have already begun in the regional capital will also be completed, such as the reconstruction of the Prokopávka sports premises, the Na Bořích civic amenity site, and others. On the revenue side, the city expects 6.4 billion crowns this year. Pilsen will thus cover the negative balance primarily from previous years’ funds.


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