Virtual reality at Pilsen schools


An excursion into space, a dangerous experiment in chemistry. Pupils in Pilsen will be educated by virtual reality.

An excursion into space and a dangerous experiment in chemistry class. These are some of the many examples of the use of virtual reality, which will be used in a pilot project at primary schools in Plzeň, specifically at the Bolevec Primary School and the 14th Primary School in Doubravka. With this project, the City of Pilsen wants to provide pupils unusual experiences and make teaching more interesting. To put it more simply, pupils will learn in a playful way. Experts worked on for nearly a year. If the project proves successful, the town hall will extend VR to other city primary schools.

Aim of the project:

  • To implement VR into the teaching process in primary schools.
  • To create, test and fine-tune a set of chemistry experiments for use in primary schools.
  • To provide technical and pedagogical support for teachers who will use VR in primary schools.
  • To negotiate licensing terms for the use of VR in primary schools.

Result of the project:

  • After a year of development, testing, debugging, VR was launched as a pilot project at Bolevec Primary School, 14th and 25th primary schools in Pilsen.
  • These schools were equipped with the necessary equipment – 15 Oculus 2 VR glasses per school, teaching programs, methodological sheets, etc. All was financed from the city resources.
  • A licence agreement was concluded with the company CIE Group (the supplier of the solution), which allows the use of all available tutorials/experiments in all primary and secondary schools in the Pilsen region free of charge.
  • A further development plan for 2022/23 is prepared (additional tutorials/experiments, involvement of other schools).
  • The Robotics Centre provides the necessary pedagogical and technical support to teachers who will use VR in their teaching. It also popularises the use of VR for other schools, including the involvement of VR in leisure education.

The City of Pilsen is cooperating on the project with CIE Group, a European leader in the development of virtual reality applications in healthcare and virtual reality training in areas of high expertise.

The City of Pilsen is the first in Europe to implement virtual reality as a standard teaching tool in primary schools.

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