Robotics center


The Robotics Centre is a place of education, support and leisure activities in the area of digital technologies.

What’s the aim of the project?

To attract more children to technology, through leisure time education, afternoon clubs, competitions and projects.

What’s the result of the project?

The Robotics Centre is a project that has been running since 2016 and focuses on several areas of technical education. These are primarily after-school clubs for children, in which they are given access to modern technologies, robotics, etc. An example is a club where children build their own small drone and learn to control it, print components on a 3D printer, install motors, electronics, learn to solder, find out the purpose of motor controllers, etc. Another important activity of the Robotics Centre is the support of municipal kindergarten and primary school teachers. In this context, we try to bring modern interactive teaching technology to schools (we have over 3,000 PCs in schools, more than 14 interactive whiteboards at each school on average, each teacher has their own PC, all schools are connected optically, data is stored in the data centre, etc.) and help teachers master it and use in teaching. The third principal activity is the introduction of robotics into teaching, either as a compulsory subject (Masarykova ZŠ – the first school in Pilsen with robotics classes since the school year 2016/17) or as an addition to enrich regular subjects.





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The project is implemented by the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen

  • We draw more children to technology
  • We improve the quality of teaching through teacher education
  • We integrate robotics into classes

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