Public Transport Fare Payment with a Contactless Card


Paying for your fare couldn’t be more convenient, as we’ve fitted all public transport vehicles with a check-in device for payment by credit card.

What’s the aim of the project?

Introduce a new method of fare payment in the public transport using a bank card.

What’s the result of the project?

The pilot operation of the project “Check-in by contactless payment card in public transport vehicles in Pilsen” was launched in 2015. Of the three Pilsen public transport options, buses were the first to be fitted with the new check-in device. Since 17th June it was possible to purchase a ticket with a contactless payment card on all buses. The possibility of using contactless payment cards in the Czech Republic is growing very dynamically, as evidenced by the popularity of this check-in method in public transport.

For the project “Introduction of contactless bank card payment in Pilsen public transport”, the PCTC won the award for the best payment innovation in public administration in the “EGOVERNMENT THE BEST 2015” competition.

Payment by bank card is now available in all public transport vehicles.


  • A new way of paying for public transport.
  • Passengers use their existing bank cards.
  • Fast, comfortable, intuitive.

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