Free WiFi


Free WiFi connectivity is available both to Pilsen residents and tourists. You can get connected in recreational zones, at offices or sports grounds.

What’s the aim of the project?

Provide citizens and visitors with free WiFi connectivity in the city’s relaxation zones, and at offices and city sports grounds

What’s the result of the project?

Both citizens and visitors have free WiFi connectivity. Free WiFi Pilsen is available in city parks, at offices and city sports facilities.

In the implementation, we used the existing city optical network, and city buildings serve as Hot Spots. The implementation of the service and its provision was done at minimal cost.

Covering the city free WiFi

The project is implemented by the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen

Free WiFi logo:


  • Free WiFi for citizens and tourists
  • We are constantly expanding the network
  • High-quality connectivity

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