Pilsen is part of the European project Climaborough


Since 2023 Pilsen has been participating in the European project Climaborough, which aims to test innovative and smart solutions to climate change and its impact on the planet Earth.

Since the beginning of 2023 Pilsen as a Smart City has been participating in the European project Climaborough, which aims to test innovative and smart solutions in the context of climate change and its impact on planet Earth. Through SITMP is Pilsen the only one in the Czech Republic to be included in the group of 15 European countries undergoing an ecological and digital transformation. They are sharing their experiences with the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.


Aim of the project:

  • To support European cities in co-creating innovations that lead to emission reductions.
  • To develop cooperation and networking between city governments, the public, industry partners and investors.
  • To contribute to stakeholder engagement and ensure the creation of living labs as a space for interaction between stakeholders (political representatives, officials, technical experts, professionals, citizens).
  • To create a tool for monitoring climate neutrality by integrating existing solutions (measuring living standards using technologies such as artificial intelligence and digital twin).


Result of the project:

  • The transition of European cities to a new way of life – to a new ecological and digital order.
  • Engaging start-ups and early stage entrepreneurs who will get the opportunity to test their innovative ideas and share ideas and experiences.


Several actions have been launched within the Climaborough project, one in particular where we can use a number of smart solutions that are already working in Pilsen. In the challenge “From isolated energy and mobility to integrated services” we are applying our activities such as Digital Twin – 3D city model, security dispatching, test polygon, opendata, open data and sensor-based applications (e.g. map and traffic intensity, parking system, etc.) or SITLab for camera system and other follow-up sensors with a focus on security.

The Climaborough project is scheduled to run for four years. In the first two years SITMP will prepare and plan individual sub-projects, which will be gradually implemented and tested in the following two years in the individual participating cities.

The project is financed by the European Union and its budget amounts to 220 thousand Euros. The official website of the project is https://climaborough.eu.

  • Innovative solutions to climate change
  • 15 European countries involved
  • Pilsen is the only one in the Czech Republic

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