You can’t stop progress – and we don’t want to stop it in Pilsen, quite the opposite!

We are first city in Europe which implement virtual reality as a teaching tool in primary schools. A pilot project has been launched at Primary School of Bolevec and 14th Primary School of Pilsen. Virtual reality has no limits, you can imagine a trip to the rainforest in biology class, an excursion to the 17th century in history class or you can transform yourself into a blood cell travelling throughout the human body.

At the beginning, schoolchildren will experience dangerous experiments in chemistry class through virtual reality, and they can also take an excursion into space. Even learning can be fun; it’s called playing school.

The experts – including our colleagues from the Robotics Centre – have been working on this project almost a year. If the project proves successful, the Pilsen City Hall will extend it to other primary schools in the city. Want to know more? Check out the official announcement of the City of Pilsen.

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