The city equipped more nursery and primary schools with nano-air purifiers


More nano-air purifiers, which can destroy bacteria, yeast, moulds and viruses and thus reduce the risk of transmitting various diseases, have been newly installed in some municipal nursery and primary schools. The devices, in total of CZK 57,000, are now helping to clean the air in the 21st nursery school in Slovany and in the 57th nursery school in Lobzy, 26th Primary School in Bory and 31st Primary School in Lochotín. Last year, nano-air purifiers were already installed in two classrooms at the 25th Primary School in Slovany, 37th Nursery School in Čechurov and in 38th Nursery School in Slovany. They were found as useful, therefore the city makes a purchase of several devices for other nursery and primary schools every year.

How do the numbers speak for efficiency?

The effectiveness of the nano-air purifiers has been measured in the Microbiology Laboratory of the University Hospital in Hradec Králové, at the Department of Nanotechnology at the Technical University of Liberec and also in two foreign laboratories. The measurements showed that after three hours of operation of this device in normal operation, the total concentration of bacteria in the air in the room decreased by 66 percent and the total concentration of yeast and mould in the air by 71 percent. Moreover, the nano-cleaners were found to have a significant virucidal effect. In addition, the nano-air purifiers are nearly maintenance-free, and their filter life should last up to 1.5 years without an intervention.

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