3D model viewer – new application for IRS


The application creates a 3D model of the scanned object on the spot and in real time. It is often used by emergency services to examine an object before they enter it during an intervention.

The list of applications developed by SITMP includes a new application, which is the result of the work of SIT Drones. It is a viewer of 3D models – the so-called point clouds, developed for Integrated Rescue System (IRS) by our drone pilots and operators, that are also officially part of IRS. In the Czech Republic, this cooperation is unique. In fact, their frequent task is to scan buildings and objects even before the intervening units enter them. If the project documentation is not at disposal, the drones are able to show even details in the form of closed doors, windows and other obstacles is the only clue.


Aim of the project:

  • To create an application for the IZS that provides a 3D view of the scanned object on a standard computer.
  • To display 3D view to the commander on the spot and in real time.
  • Not to provide the output from the intervention only in 2D (photo, video), but to be able to work with the captured data in 3D.


Result of the project:

  • A new Point Cloud Reader application that uses a LIDAR scanner to put together a virtual 3D image of the scanned area.
  • Attaching a laser scanner to a rotating device (drone) that, thanks to LIDAR technology, measures the distance based on the reflection time of the laser beam from the object being scanned.
  • The measurements can result in thousands to tens of millions of points, which the new application arranges and displays in a 3D model.


However the creation of the app does not mean the end of the work, quite the opposite. Our SIT Drones team is already working on improving it. They are going to add a feature that can show in the acquired model the points where, for example, the wanted persons are located, thus possibly facilitating search and rescue missions.

You can read an article about what drones are used in the interventions or how the whole technology works directly on the SIT Drones website.

  • 3D model of scanned object
  • real-time view
  • use for the IRS

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