Do you know the LIVING-IN.EU platform?

This international project aims to share positive experiences in the field of smart technological solutions from different areas of life and build a better future for 300 million Europeans.

And what is even better?

Pilsen is the only city in the Czech Republic that received an invitation to join this group, and we are very proud of it. The work of clever Westerners was noticed abroad!

Experts were attracted by the DUET project – the digital twin of Pilsen, but we have many other achievements in Pilsen at the European level. For example, we have been involved in the PoliVisu project within HORIZON2020 (a prestigious European grant programme focused on innovation) a few years ago. Polivisu project collects big data from traffic. Furthermore, we are also participating in S4AllCities, a project focused on public space and its vulnerability, and how to reduce it. It is also aimed at reduction of potential consequences of terrorist attacks, raise public awareness, and finding a balance among improving security, living in public space and citizens’ freedom.

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