In the future, it is necessary to count on a growing number of electric cars and hybrid cars, the city of Pilsen is therefore trying to build the necessary infrastructure within the concept of electromobility development and is gradually expanding the network of charging stations for electric cars.

What’s the aim of the project:

  • expansion of electromobility
  • improving the environment

What’s the result of the project:

In line with the Smart City strategies of the city of Pilsen and in part of a valid study of the electromobility of the city of Pilsen, charging station for electric car was exhibited in the car park of the Zoological and Botanical Gardens of City od Pilsen. Two charging points with a Mennekes Type 2 connection can be used.

Another effort to fulfill the concept of electromobility was, that a Municipality of Pilsen purchased the first electric car, which will be used primarily for the distribution and collection of internal mail and small material between the individual buildings of the Municipality of Pilsen. The project also includes a new charging station, which is installed in the courtyard of the town hall on Republic Square 1.

Pilsen Central District (ÚMO Plzeň 3) has signed up for an electromobility project with the recent purchase of a hybrid vehicle. A charging station has been added to the newly prepared hybrid vehicle, which will also serve the needs of visitors to the office.

  • Energy saving
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Extension of the electromobility project