FC Viktoria Pilsen Mobile Application


The latest news from the club, information about players, matches, statistics, navigation at the stadium, connection to the Plzeňská vstupenka ticketing service – all of this in one package -the FC Viktoria Plzeň mobile application.

What’s the aim of the project:

To offer Viktoria Plzeň fans a modern mobile application that will bring them the latest news from
the club, information about players, matches, statistics, connection to the Plzeňská vstupenka ticketing service or navigation at the stadium.

What’s the result of the project:

You can download the mobile application on both the Google and Apple stores. The app is a logical continuation of the stadium wifi project (PILSEN Sport Wi-Fi) launched last year, which provides the people of Pilsen and the fans of our “Viktorka” with a comprehensive solution with a number of functions.

The first part is devoted to information and events from the Pilsen football club; it also offers an overview of new posts on the club’s social networks. In the next part, fans can see past and upcoming matches and statistics. They can view on-line commentary on the current match, and there is also information about the line-up and players, including photos or the competition table.

The navigation will direct visitors to individual sectors, as well as show them the way to the nearest restrooms or refreshment stands, making it possible to view the offer of individual vendors (food stalls) as well.

The application also offers the option of connecting to the Plzeňská vstupenka ticketing service. People can buy individual tickets through it or upload their season ticket in the application. Just a mobile phone is enough to enter the stadium, and specially adapted turnstiles with an extended reading area will identify the season ticket through the application. The application does not run off-line,
due to the requirement to always display updated data and news.

Part of the functionality is linked to the stadium’s wifi and is not available without an Internet connection, and this also applies to some of the navigation functions.


The project is implemented by the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen


  • Connection to the stadium wifi
  • Lots of information in one place
  • Intertwining with tickets