Electronic processing of outdoor seating permits


By making use of modern technologies, we have simplified the process of getting a permit for outdoor seating.

What’s the aim of the project?

Simplify the application process for storefront seating (restaurants, cafés etc.)

What’s the result of the project?

The City of Pilsen is launching an innovation which will make it easier for entrepreneurs to obtain
a permit for storefront seating for restaurants. Until now, the application could not be processed
without several visits to a municipal office  –  first, the applicant had to fill in the application form
at the Traffic Inspectorate of the Police of the Czech Republic; after obtaining a statement from the police, it was then necessaryto go to the Public Property Authority of Pilsen to fill in another form ther.
Finally, clients completed the form at the relevant district office, where they presented
the assessments they had obtained so far.

  • The individual steps could not be resolved at the same time, and each of the offices had to wait for the opinion of the previous one.

A new solution offered to entrepreneurs by the Pilsen City Hall is the submission of an on-line application through the Citizen’s Electronic Portal https://epo.plzen.eu

Now all you need is a single form that can be submitted from the comfort of your own home. Using
a data box, the applicant sends a completed form, which will be processed by all the relevant institutions at once. Issuing a permit will be faster and the applicant will visit the office only once – when signing
the Technical Conditions Agreement at the Public Property Authority of the City of Pilsen. In regard
to outdoor storefront seating, the vast majority of entrepreneurs use a type of contract which must
be renewed annually, and for such clients the new system is of great benefit.

The project is implemented by the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen

  • You get your permit faster.
  • No more multiple visits to the offices.
  • An electronic solution.